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Sutton demands a Taylor apology after dementia figures released


Not happy: Chris Sutton
Not happy: Chris Sutton

By Lewis Samuel

Former England striker Chris Sutton has accused Professional Footballers' Association chief executive Gordon Taylor of failing his members and their families over the issue of dementia.

Sutton, who said Taylor should apologise to those affected, spoke out after a new study said former footballers are approximately three-and-a-half times more likely to die from neurodegenerative disease than the general population.

"If Gordon Taylor had anything about him he would apologise to all his union members and their families who he has failed... his own members dying in the most horrible and humiliating way... he failed my dad and hundreds more," Sutton said on Twitter.

The report, released yesterday and commissioned by the Football Association and the PFA, assessed the medical records of 7,676 men who played professional football in Scotland born between 1900 and 1976.

Their records were matched against more than 23,000 individuals from the general population.

The findings report that the "risk ranged from a five-fold increase in Alzheimer's disease, through an approximately four-fold increase in motor neurone disease, to a two-fold (increase in) Parkinson's disease in former professional footballers compared to population controls".

Although footballers had higher risk of death from neurodegenerative disease, they were less likely to die of other common diseases, such as heart disease and some cancers, including lung cancer

In a Daily Telegraph interview in 2017, Sutton said that his father Mike, a former Norwich player and then aged 72, had been suffering from dementia for the past six years.

Former England striker Gary Lineker said on Twitter that he was "not particularly surprised" by the research, but said it would be "interesting to find out if the modern lighter ball and the shift away from long-ball football improves the statistics".

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