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The Special One's available; surely United must move

By Steven Beacom

Jose Mourinho has made a right mess of this season. He started it by having a pop at Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro for doing her job and followed that up by constantly slamming his own players and referees. Opposition ball boys have also been criticised.

When he returned to Stamford Bridge for a second spell in 2013, he described himself as the Happy One. That was certainly the case last season when he guided the Blues to the Premier League title and League Cup, but since then Mourinho has become the Angry One, slating everybody and anybody that got in his way.

On Monday night after Chelsea lost 2-1 to Leicester - their ninth defeat in 16 league games - leaving them 16th in the table, one point above the relegation places, he fumed that his players had 'betrayed' him.

Yes, the players have been dreadful for most of the campaign but Jose's performances have been poor too.

Mourinho's man management, tactics and team selections have all been found wanting lately. Great strengths in the past suddenly became serious weaknesses.

Yet for all that, the vast majority of Chelsea supporters would still have preferred him to stay. They were confident that their Special One would have turned things around.

But with the uncomfortable atmosphere inside the club it had reached the stage where either Mourinho or the players had to go. Him or them. And you can't sack 20 players. Not even Chelsea.

So, Jose is out of a job.

It shouldn't be for long because while he's had a nightmare six months, it's more of a temporary blip than permanent state.

Mourinho remains a brilliant manager, one of the best in the world. He just needs to get his mojo back.

And if the powers that be at Manchester United have any sense, they should consider giving him the opportunity to do just that.

Louis van Gaal's style of play is boring the United fans to tears. Mourinho would liven them up and offer a better chance to bring trophies back to Old Trafford which have been missing since Sir Alex Ferguson's days.

United are hoping Pep Guardiola comes their way when he leaves Bayern Munich.

That is months away. Mourinho's available now. Why wait?

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