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UEFA investigate Belfast firework

UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against the Irish Football Association after a photographer was struck by a firework during Northern Ireland's Euro 2016 qualifier against Romania on Saturday.

Darren Kidd was given medical assistance at pitchside after being hit on the neck by the projectile, which exploded on the ground.

The incident was included in the UEFA delegate's report and the governing body's website confirmed on Monday it was being investigated.

Kidd wrote on Twitter: "burnt sore deaf 1 dead camera. I was very lucky dont want to think what would have happened if I hadnt got it off my neck.

"I blame the home fan who threw it."

The Polish FA were fined £18,000 after supporters released fireworks during their qualifier earlier this year, and the Bosnia and Herzegovina Football Federation have also been cited this week for a similar offence.

But IFA president Jim Shaw is hoping for a sympathetic hearing.

"I wouldn't expect the punishment to be significant, especially for a first incident of this kind," he told the Belfast Telegraph.

"We have a good record and it may even be a case of being given a warning rather than a fine.

"The only other incident we have had was when a linesman was hit by a coin thrown from the stand against Poland and that was six years ago.

"Overall, things went well. The stadium looked great and the atmosphere was very good."


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