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Fifa can't prove Neville claim of rivals 'fighting'


Phil Neville
Phil Neville

By Mark Critchley

Fifa have been unable to verify Phil Neville's claim that 'fighting' broke out at England's ill-tempered Women's World Cup tie, but confirmed there were "verbal exchanges" between Cameroon fans and stewards.

World football's governing body said that a group of Cameroon fans switching seats at the Stade du Hainaut led to stewards moving other ticket holders to the stadium's hospitality area.

However, in a statement a Fifa spokesperson added they had received no details regarding any physical confrontations in Valenciennes.

"The post-match debrief highlighted that a number of Cameroon fans moved to the seats behind the team benches during the match in order to create a 'fan block'," the statement read.

"This required management by stadium stewards who, in the interests of all spectators, moved other ticket holders into the hospitality seating.

"Although there was some verbal exchange between Cameroon supporters and stewards, there has been no report of physical confrontation."

Neville claimed to have witnessed 'fighting' in the Stade du Hainaut's VIP area, as well as at the hotel the two teams shared in Valenciennes.

"We've seen Cameroon people fighting in the VIP area. We've seen Cameroon people fighting in our hotel," he said.

"I would just say to the Cameroon people, 'Get your ship in order'."

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