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Home fires will be burning for Holland in World Cup, says Orange Order

Northern Ireland has a well-known historical link with the colour orange.

The annual Twelfth celebrations see tens of thousands of Orangemen parading across the province.

But this weekend while bonfires will be burning to mark the annual Eleventh night, many people may instead be hoping the Dutch — known for their bright orange strip — set the pitch of the World Cup final alight.

Dr David Hume, director of services of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, said the colour of the Dutch team “resonates” with the 40,000 members.

“William of Orange is seen as the saviour of Protestantism in Europe so that gives the link to Holland,” he said.

“The orange colour obviously resonates with many people here, so that’s why there are probably so many people who will be supporting Holland in the World Cup final.”

The match will be held tomorrow, July 11th, when bonfires will be lit in sites across the country.

Mr Hume, however, said he isn’t sure if that has any significance as to whether the Dutch team will lift the trophy.

“I’m not sure if it will bring them luck,” he said.

“We wouldn’t say that we would like to see them play on a Sunday, but it would be great to see them have something to celebrate on the 12th. There aren’t any Orange Orders in Holland, but there are around 40,000 members in the Orange Order in Northern Ireland, so the colour orange has some significance.

“I think there will be quite a few people from across the province hoping for Holland to lift the World Cup.”

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