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Luis Suarez ban: Uruguayan president Jose Mujica says Fifa are 'a bunch of old b******s'

Uruguayan president, Jose Mujica, has labelled Fifa as "a bunch of old b******s" in a new television interview as the Luis Suarez row refuses to die down.

Talking about the decision to ban Suarez for nine international matches and all football for four months, Mujica said: "We can take sanctions, but not fascist sanctions."

The announcement was broadcast on Uruguayan television as part of an interview with the President on a sports show.

Mujica was asked: "What does this World Cup mean to you?" and replied "That Fifa are a bunch of old b******s."

Following that remark the Uruguayan president immediately covered his mouth with his hand, although when asked "Can we broadcast that?", Mujica replied "Broadcast it, for me."

The journalist then turned the camera to the Uruguayan senator and wife of the president, Lucia Topolanski, and asked her what she thought.

"I agree with the words of the president," she said smiling.

Despite widespread condemnation for his actions during the World Cup, in Uruguay at least it appears Suarez has friends in very high places.

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