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Sexy football: World Cup hunks

By Maureen Coleman

Wonder why it’s called sexy football? With the big kick-off just days away we give the ladies 11 reasons why they should watch the World Cup.

It's that time again when World Cup football takes over our television viewing for a marvellous month.And it's not just the men getting in on the action, as a record number of female fans are expected to watch the tournament in South Africa.

If (like me) you can explain the offside rule, know your Buffons from your Ballacks and are genuinely interested in the play as opposed to the players, then you'll be glued to the box for four exciting weeks.

But don't despair if footie's not your thing. They don't call it the “beautiful game” for nothing. So here are 11 good reasons why women should tune in, grab a beer, sit back and enjoy.

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