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The saddest man in Brazil? Humiliating defeat at the hands of Germany leaves mournful man grasping World Cup

There were more probably more photos taken of sad Brazilians in Belo Horizonte last night than of the actual game, as Brazil's crushing 7-1 defeat at the boots of Germany in the World Cup semi-final left futbol fans in tears – but none were as sad as this man.

Moustache limp, brow furrowed, he clutches a replica of the FIFA World Cup trophy close to his bosom and looks on at the horrors going down on the pitch, fear in his eyes as he tenses in anticipation of the lashing of yet another goal.

The clip of him that aired during TV coverage was deftly looped by a viewer and set to Simon and Garfunkel's The Sound of Silence, creating a haunting vision of a nation's dreams in tatters.

There were close seconds in terms of football funnies from the semi-final, including goal highlights with WWE commentary from Jim Ross:

And an anti-gambling advert that has a darkly positive spin in light of Germany's triumph:

Farewell Brazil, your passion and intensity for the game has been second to none.

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