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Watch: Northern Ireland still believe we can make history in Switzerland, says Magennis

By Gareth Hanna

Northern Ireland still believe they can make it to the World Cup finals in historic fashion on Sunday.

That's the motivational message from forward Josh Magennis, who is determined to help NI become the first European team to lose the World Cup play-off first leg at home and go on to win the tie.

He said: "There's a first time for everything. We're not even worried about that stat. We'll just go out to win the game.

"Of course it's not (over) - no way. If we thought that we might as well pack up and go home now. That's not the case. We go out to win every game. They only scored one goal and we know that if we score early, the tie's the same. We're 1-0 with 90 minutes left and we've more than enough confidence and belief that we can score."

On the penalty decision itself, Magennis was remaining balanced with his typically upbeat demeanour prevailing even in such trying circumstances.

"When I first saw it I didn't think it was a penalty, given the guidelines of 'was his arm in an unnatural position' and how far away from the ball he was," he said. "I didn't think it was a penalty and seeing it back, my mind wasn't changed. These things happen in football. We've just got to forget about it to try and move on.

"We've got 18,000 people cheering us on and social media is going bersurk. We don't need a bad decision to spur us on. We've just got to go and win the game now. It's looking like a tasty tie.

"No stone will be left unturned. It's going to be fantastic to see the game back and see where we can exploit them and where we can do better. i'm really looking forward to the game."

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