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We need McClean to channel his aggression against Denmark, says Martin O'Neill


By Daniel McDonnell

Martin O'Neill has advised James McClean to channel his passion and aggression in the right way in the Republic of Ireland's play-off in Denmark on Saturday.

The West Brom winger was back in the headlines again over the weekend when a late tackle away at Huddersfield enraged home supporters.

McClean's refusal to wear a poppy on his shirt attracts extra scrutiny in November and the winger was furious that the flashpoint was highlighted on TV coverage -without reference to missiles that were hurled in his direction.

His international manager feels that the Londonderry man is miffed by the lack of game-time at West Brom and that spilled over into his cameo. But he knows that McClean's physical approach needs to be tempered at times, especially when a booking in Copenhagen would rule him out of next Tuesday's decider in Dublin.

McClean has been the Republic's most important player in this qualifying campaign and the manager says he would be a huge loss from his plans.

"We need him in these two games," said O'Neill. "And he can see a bit of red mist and sometimes that's what makes him. Other times he needs to just cool down, cool it for a second. He just needs to be a wee bit more careful. We could not do without him."

"I thought that was frustration," said O'Neill in offering a droll take on the booking McClean received for a rash attempt to halt Huddersfield's Tom Ince. "I saw James going 70 yards to lamp the lad. And he missed him apparently!

"I said to James 'What about the intention? Intention is now part of the game and the fact that you might have missed him - had you hit him you probably would have put him over the stand'.

"He's fine, McClean has been great for us and he just has to channel that frustration from obviously not getting into a side that is not winning football matches - and maybe he thinks that he should."

The Republic manager was in charge at Sunderland when McClean first made the decision to wear a poppy-free shirt in 2012.

And he was supportive of the player for taking a stance that has made him a target for taunts from the crowd.

The player has consistently explained his position, stressing that he could not wear a poppy because it has come to represent all British Army conflicts - including activities in Northern Ireland that had a serious impact on the area of Derry where he grew up.

"I think that's a question that you would have to ask James," said O'Neill, when asked if the player's position on the poppy was wise.

"I know where James comes from. I have got the utmost regard for James, as a person as well.

"James, honestly, has been fantastic. And the great thing he knows is that he will come here and the crowd love him and quite rightly so because of what he has done for the team."

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