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We'll use brains not brawn to beat England, says Strachan

By Ronnie Esplin

Scotland boss Gordon Strachan has stressed that brains not brawn will have to be deployed against England at Hampden Park on Saturday.

Strachan has been advised by some of the Tartan Army in the build-up to the 2018 World Cup qualifier to 'get intae them', a phrase in the vernacular from yesteryear, which favours the physical approach, especially against teams deemed to be more talented.

After five Group F fixtures Scotland are in fourth place, six points behind the Three Lions who top the table and who have not lost a qualifier since 2009.

However, speaking at his pre-match press conference at the national stadium, Strachan talked about a different approach from days gone by.

He said: "We were speaking about it the other day, the 'get intae them' kind of theory, which a lot of people in Scotland are desperate for us to do when I meet them as I go about.

"But the 'intae them' theory died with the pass back rule, the tackle from behind and better pitches.

"So that weapon that we had years ago where 'get intae them' was well and truly used, it is not used as much now.

"You can't do that, you have to think your way through games; interceptions, being brave on the ball.

"I wish we could use the 'get intae them' theory but we can't use that any more."

In keeping with a more modern approach to the game, Strachan has not rehearsed a fiery pre-match speech to rouse the players.

He said: "It is something you don't plan in advance, you feel the atmosphere and you have to have to take it from there."

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