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You can stick your fancy chocolate: GAWA react to World Cup play-offs draw against Switzerland

By Gareth Hanna

Northern Ireland supporters didn't quite get their wish in the World Cup play-offs draw, but it wasn't too far off.

In our poll asking fans to decide which team they would like to face, Denmark earned almost two-thirds of the vote. Republic of Ireland's draw, then, complete with home advantage in the second leg, was the one everybody wanted.

Second to the Danes were Switzerland with almost a quarter of the vote. So at least NI avoided the dreaded draws against either Italy or Croatia.

On Twitter, fans were quick to give their reaction too. Journalist Colin Murray got in there with a suggested song for the GAWA:

The GAWA wanted to be at home in the second leg. Well, for one member, the last game will be just down the road:

Former NI star Stuart Elliott summed up what most were thinking, really:

And we'll have to remember to slip this one to the commentator for the full-time whistle:

We think, em, we think this guy might have got mixed up. Either that or Switzerland are going to try and dazzle the NI players:

And this one. BOOM BOOM.

Now the scrum for tickets can begin. Speaking of which:

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