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Pictured Declan Bogue

Date: Thursday 12th April 2012

Location: BT Offices

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As the GAA demands so much in the bid to get kids back on the pitch, just what was the rush?

Declan Bogue



Big ask: youngsters in hurling camp

Big ask: youngsters in hurling camp

�INPHO/Cathal Noonan

Big ask: youngsters in hurling camp

The document released by the GAA on Friday entitled 'Guidelines on Safe Return to Gaelic Games' included this paragraph: "There are low rates of child-to-adult or child-to-family member transmission in the limited number of studies available. As with all situations there is a risk of infection but it appears to be lower in children. Outdoor activity appears to further lower the risk."

On March 16, as coronavirus was spreading through Italy, the Financial Times was reporting that: "35% of those who have died from coronavirus in Italy were aged between 70 and 79, and 43% were aged 80-89, according to the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, the technical-scientific arm of the country's national health service".

The week before in Bergamo, one of the worst-hit cities in the region of Lombardy where almost half of Italy's active infections were located, the local newspaper L'Eco di Bergamo saw an increase in their obituary pages from one and a half to 10.