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Better late than never, GAA see sense in ticket price cuts

Throughout the Ulster senior football championship to date there has been sharp criticism concerning the cost of stand tickets in particular.

At £25 (€27) the feeling is that tickets are over-priced and this is being cited as one of the reasons for the decline in attendances at games.

Now the GAA authorities have been forced to cut prices and I suppose we must view this as being better late than never.

The overall reduction in cost to games administered by Central Council is €5 but for the opening round of the football qualifiers last weekend the admission price was reduced to €15 for the stand and €10 for the terraces. Under 16s were permitted to enter the stand for €5 or the terrace free of charge.

Up until the All-Ireland semi-finals in both football and hurling, clubs can also avail of group passes for adult members which are €10 each as well as another group offer whereby juveniles can enter for €3 with one adult gaining free entry for every 10 children.

Earlier in the year the GAA appeared to show indifference to the fact that many people are being financially hit because of the recession but the Association now seems to have been persuaded by falling attendances that action was required on ticket prices.

President Christy Cooney has indicated that every effort will be made to entice people from their home comforts.

The strong diet of televised matches embracing the provincial championships and the Qualifiers is another good reason why many people are reluctant to travel.

Not surprisingly, though, the GAA has increased the price of All-Ireland final tickets to €80 - a record high.

This will not affect the attendance in the slightest, however, as demand always far outstrips supply.

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