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Blow for club players as fixture list is blocked at GAA annual conference


Failed proposals: Paraic Duffy

Failed proposals: Paraic Duffy

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Failed proposals: Paraic Duffy

The GAA Central Council's attempts to appease the vast majority of club players was foiled in several failed motions during Saturday's annual Congress in Carlow.

By Friday night, they had already withdrawn the motion of establishing an All-Ireland 'B' competition.

A number of Paraic Duffy's proposals designed to aid the plight of club players, including the establishment of a new fixtures calendar failed, despite getting a simple majority, but not the required two-thirds support.

The highest-profile of these measures included a move to bring the All-Ireland finals forward by a fortnight, and to apply extra-time to senior Championship matches outside of All-Ireland and Provincial finals.

Duffy had noted in his presentation that replays outside of finals contributed to just 3.34% of gate receipts between 2010 and 2015.

Meanwhile, this summer's football Championship should include an Aussie Rules-style 'mark' - from kickouts between the 45-metre lines - with Jarlath Burns' playing rules committee squeaking through with 68% of the vote.

In other changes, the Under-21 county Championship will now be changed to an under-20 Championship, with any players who have been on a senior Championship panel ineligible, with the minor grade has been shifted from under-18 to under-17s.

There was significant opposition to the Dublin Motion that all games screened should be free-to-air, thereby precluding Sky TV from any further deals. The motion gained only 15.3% of the vote.

A Clare Motion proposing that county grounds should be opened to other sports was soundly defeated.

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