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Cav showed how to strike perfect work-career balance

By Declan Bogue

Earlier this year, Sean Cavanagh formed his own accountancy practice. For a man in his final year of inter-county action, it was quite the decision to make in terms of adding to his workload.

But as Niall Morgan told us, in recent weeks and months, Cavanagh had become the joker in the camp, relaxing everybody, while tales of him training harder than ever leaked out of the Garvaghey bubble regularly.

We are in a funny era of Gaelic Games and the question of professionalism. In recent times, various Kerry footballers such as Darran and Declan O'Sullivan, Kilkenny hurler Richie Hogan and Donegal footballer Karl Lacey have taken years out of work so as to concentrate on giving themselves the best possible chance of playing inter-county.

Not to mention Waterford hurling manager Derek McGrath, whose year on sabbatical from teaching has coincided with their journey to this Sunday's All-Ireland final.

Teaching courses in Ulster are chock-full of prospective inter-county players, all with one eye on the future that they may need eight weeks off in the summer.

Cavanagh sounded a note of caution against this during the season.

"I have met guys who are very talented footballers but also talented in terms of their careers. And I have seen guys who have made decisions to postpone their professional careers," he began. I have always been able to enjoy working hard from nine to five or nine to six and really focus my energies there, and then go out and play Gaelic football, to clear my head and re-energise myself."

It has become almost fashionable nowadays to talk about the current Dublin team as semi, or in some cases, full professionals.

While their nutrition needs are taken care of and the majority don't have to worry about their car payments and the like, there are scant examples of players who do not work.

Philly McMahon is notoriously busy with his business and charity demands, Stephen Cluxton was back at his teaching desk the day after the 2011 All-Ireland final.

And while on last December's All-Star tour to Dubai, who was there by the pool with his laptop open, taking calls from the office?

Bernard Brogan.

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