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Clarke hits back at claims he has an issue with McGeeney

By Declan Bogue

The never-ending saga of fall-out from Armagh's defeat last Sunday has led to Jamie Clarke releasing a statement through the Armagh county board.

It had been suggested that Clarke's decision not to play for Armagh this season was partly to do with Kieran McGeeney, with Clarke himself stating in an interview that: "It looks bad from the outside in as it does with me leaving but it's not me leaving Kieran. It's not his fault. I still think you have to respect Kieran for coming in at a time when things haven't been good." Furthermore, his statement released yesterday read: "My decision not to play for Armagh … has absolutely nothing to do with Kieran McGeeney being the manager.

"It is no hidden secret that I have other ambitions outside of football. This has been the case long before Kieran ever got involved in the Armagh management set-up.

"I have nothing but respect and appreciation towards Kieran who has given me so much support and guidance. As an Armagh man I fully support all he is trying to achieve with the current group of players."

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