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Cloak and dagger approach to go for appointing GAA managers

The GAA has taken steps in a bid to avoid a possible repeat of the fractious backdrop against which certain county team management posts were filled recently.

The appointments of James McCartan (Down) and Paddy O’Rourke (Armagh) in particular followed protracted, convoluted selection procedures that left a distinctly sour taste in the mouth in some quarters.

Now the GAA is determined to streamline the selection process for managers and has revealed a nine-step protocol that county boards will be expected to follow.

The Association is urging counties to select a manager appointment committee, establish a selection strategy; draw up a list of suitable candidates and complete shortlist of candidates.

Following this, counties will be expected to formulate a key questions list for interviews, make an individual section report, forward their recommended candidate for ratification , prepare a manager’s charter and show greater awareness in dealing with media relationships and requests for information generally.

The ‘cloak and dagger’ element attached to some recent appointments did not show certain county boards in the best possible light and the GAA authorities are now understandably anxious to see transparency and credibility underscored at all times.

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