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Committee must meet again over violence

By John Campbell

Efforts are being made to convene another meeting of the Tyrone Competitions Control Committee in order to conclude the investigation into the violence that marred the recent All County League final between Carrickmore and Dromore.

It had been hoped that punishments to those deemed guilty of having been involved in the trouble might have been handed down at Tuesday night’s committee meeting but while it is understood that sanctions against some individuals were arrived at, some elements of the investigation remain incomplete.

Now Tyrone administrators are anxious to see a third Competitions Control Committee meeting held “as soon as possible”, according to one administrator, so that a line can be drawn under the entire affair.

Rather than put any punishments into the public domain at this juncture, the committee decided that it would be best to announce nothing at the moment but unveil the punishments in their entirety when they have been arrived at.

“It had been hoped that the investigation would have been done and dusted by Tuesday night but this did not turn out to be the case,” said one official.

“It was felt that in the interests of justice and fair play another committee meeting would be necessary.

“This would enable the members to look at further elements of the trouble and only then punishments which are deemed appropriate could be dispensed and made public.”

County secretary Dominic McGaughey had stated in advance of Tuesday’s meeting that the Competitions Control Committee had to “get this right”. And it is now obvious the committee is taking all possible steps to ensure that justice is seen to be done.

The violence has cast a shadow over Tyrone and many followers are clearly disturbed by what took place.

Now there are some misgivings being expressed that the investigation could become more protracted than had been anticipated although officials have been quick to point out that any perceived delay is very much in the interests of ensuring fair play for everyone involved.

Any disciplinary measures which are handed down by the Competitions Control Committee must then be approved by the county board.

Individuals or clubs which are punished have the right of appeal within 72 hours of receipt of their penalties.

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