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Count me out of the running for Crossmaglen job

I am highly flattered that my name has been mentioned in connection with the managerial vacancy at Crossmaglen Rangers.

Certainly the grapevine is buzzing right now and I have been listening to the speculation for the past fortnight.

But I can state categorically that I have no interest in returning to the post I vacated several years ago. I have just launched two new business ventures and these will require a lot of time and commitment from me.

I also want to be able to spend some time with my family away from work and in my present circumstances I would not be able to apply myself fully to the demands of the Rangers job.

It may be 'only' a club position but believe me it is a 24/7 occupation, a role which you must live if you are to undertake it properly.

Rangers have set such high standards that to maintain them requires great self-sacrifice and dedication on the part of a manager or joint managers and that's something I would be unable to give at this point in time. Maybe further down the line I might be tempted to throw my hat into the ring again but for the moment my business interests are my total focus.

Incidentally, St Brigid's manager Kevin McStay earned no plaudits from me for the manner in which he nit-picked in relation to the refereeing of the final by Padraig Hughes from Crossmaglen.

McStay intimated that St Brigid's had not received a fair crack of the whip from Hughes, a leading inter-county referee, but I think he should have shown more good grace in his hour of triumph.

Indeed, by general consensus, Crossmaglen Rangers were not viewed to have been the recipients of justice in their semi-final when they had a player harshly sent off and were not the beneficiaries of some frees that should have come their way. But they have not been shedding tears in public.

Rather, there is a quiet determination to atone for what is regarded as this year's lapse next term – and let's hope their new manager is more gracious than Kevin McStay.

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