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Cushendall manager John McKillop left in two minds over his future

By Declan Bogue

The interviewer's questions really hit the mark when Cushendall manager John McKillop was asked to described the scenes inside the dressing room.

With his eyes watering slightly, he said: "Devastation, of course. Getting beaten in an All-Ireland final, of course we are going to be devastated. But we are a young team, we will be back. I might not be back but they will be back."

Asked if that was a hint that he might step down, he added, "I really, really enjoyed it. Getting to Croke Park is something everybody dreams of. But I will have to sit down with the boys now and see what they reckon, whether we will go again next year. Maybe they don't want us again next year! But we will see."

Shane McNaughton, who himself had a distinguished performance capped by four points from play, explained: "It's hard to take. I've never been in a situation where I've been in an All-Ireland final, I don't really know what to say. It's a funny changing room, I know that much. I've never been in a changing room like that before."

Asked what was said at half-time, he answered: "We've been in that situation so many times before, we just got our breath together and everyone was… not 'not-confident', but worried. We know we've been there before. We knew we'd have to go somewhere we hadn't been before if we were to win that game, and we just couldn't get to that place.

"It's different when you go over the border. There's All-Stars in that team and you saw with Downes and Dowling, when you give them space, every shot just went over the bar."

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