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Derry to mark Sam Maguire win, 20 years on

By Declan Bogue

Heroes of Derry's 1993 All-Ireland title are to be celebrated with a commemorative dinner in the City Hotel, Derry, on September 28.

Peter Quinn, the former President of the GAA from 1991-94 will be a guest speaker at the event, which will host the playing panel, and members of the county board at the time.

There will also be an element of melancholy to the night, as they pay tribute to the manager of that team, Eamonn Coleman who died in June 2007 after a long battle with illness. The event tickets feature Coleman with his arms aloft in a celebratory pose in Croke Park.

Many would attribute the secret of Derry's success to Coleman's ability to get his players to apply the same rigour to the county team that they had in the fractious club scene of the time, something former corner back Kieran McKeever subscribes to.

"Everybody sort of gelled," he says.

"There were a few of the players would have been big rivals, but when it came to play for Derry all that was forgotten about.

"There was a winning mentality among the players, where it was more important to win than think about what had been going on in club football and hurling."


Any decision relating to whether Jim McGuinness will be Donegal manager next year will likely only be revealed in late September, according to county board Chairman, Sean Dunnion.

While there is a monthly county board meeting scheduled for this Monday, it is understood that McGuinness is keen to see what emerges from a fixtures forum due in the next few weeks.

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