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Down chief is keen to ease Covid fears 



Down county chair John Devaney

Down county chair John Devaney

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Down county chair John Devaney

Down chairman John Devaney is urging clubs within the county to strike a sense of balance in the ongoing battle against Covid-19.

With three cases confirmed in the Dundrum club and a suspected case in the Naomh Conaill club in Donegal, Devaney's plea is aimed at allaying fears and apprehension as the club league and Championship programme prepares to move into top gear across the province.

Dundrum secretary Peter King revealed that one senior male player, one senior female player and a non-playing member had tested positive for the coronavirus.

The club immediately called a halt to all activities and confirmed that a number of senior male players had immediately been tested, with all turning out to be negative, although the players concerned are continuing in a period of self-isolation.

Chairman Devaney believes that the fact that all clubs have been rigidly following the strict protocols can help restrict the impact of the disease.

"We have always encouraged everyone to follow the guidance they are given by the health authorities. We have told people they will be given appropriate advice where there is a positive case and appropriate advice where there is a negative case," pointed out Devaney.

"What can happen is that some activities in certain clubs can close down without a necessity for it. Sometimes shutting down clubs can create a little bit of fear or panic. It's all about trying to get the right balance."

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