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Dublin lucky to get another crack at it: Jim Gavin

Dublin reaction

By Declan Bogue

Jim Gavin won't even try and hide it - he is a relieved man to be still in the hunt for Sam.

"Just delighted to be still in the Championship," he phews in the post-match press conference.

"After that performance, we didn't really deserve to win today and we're just happy to be leaving the ground this evening with the opportunity to try and go at it again in two weeks time."

He's not too proud to pass up on an own goal or two as well, acknowledging those catastrophic moments for Mayo as what has his team still in the running.

"The luck was certainly with us today. And we'll certainly acknowledge that. We got those two bounces of the ball," he said.

"We're just lucky. Lucky to be in the competition."

On a wet day with the pitch like an ice rink and the ball flying off the turf, Gavin felt his team were victimised when James McCarthy had a black card flashed at him by referee Conor Lane for a deliberate block on Cillian O'Connor in the first half.

"I suppose when you look at why the black card was brought in, it was for cynical play, for blocks, pull-downs or trips," he began.

"I don't think it fits into that category. But from the referee's performance, we're just looking for consistency. That certainly wasn't out there today."

What Dublin have over Mayo is their recent history. Last year they faced each other in a replay on the Saturday night before the hurling final and won with a commanding performance.

You have that advantage, Jim?

"That certainly has crossed my mind - that we've been here before in this situation and we've learned from it.

"We've pushed on from it. So the mindset and the culture that is within the group is that they'll go after and look for that learning piece and try and improve it for the next day.

"And it's certainly in our hands."

For now, he states the players will have a day or two off.

"Ah, midweek," he answers when asked the next time the panel would gather.

"Let the guys for a couple of days just recharge the batteries and the coaches will look back on the tape and get what we can out of it and we'll meet up and go at it again. Just delighted to get back here on Saturday week, if tonight was anything to go by it's going to be a great game."

And a challenge to get the players to that pitch on Saturday week, 5pm?

"No. They want to perform, that's their drive to go and get performances and they really look at that as disappointment, they're disappointed for not performing and they'll relish the challenge."

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