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Duffy admits structure glitch

GAA Director General Paraic Duffy has admitted that there are inequities in the structure of the All-Ireland SFC, but he insists there are no easy means of eliminating the problems.

All eight provincial finalists have been eliminated from the championship prior to the semi-final stage for the first time ever, prompting calls for a change to the Qualifier system.

Duffy said: "They (the Qualifiers) were never devised to give people a second chance. It was devised initially to make sure teams got more than one game in the championship."

He added: "If you go back to the time it came in, the big complaint was that teams trained all winter, they lost one game and they were out of the championship. So, the original focus was to make sure every team got a minimum of two games, and it does that."

"This year was unique. This is the first time ever that the four provincial champions have gone out at the quarter-final stage. On the law of averages, it was always going to happen some time. So, to change our structures because of that would probably be a mistake."


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