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Cavan crush Fermanagh dream


 Cavan's Martin Dunne inflicts pain on Fermanagh

Cavan's Martin Dunne inflicts pain on Fermanagh

Cavan's Martin Dunne inflicts pain on Fermanagh

Cavan 1-14 Fermanagh 0-10: Call it deflection if you want, but Cavan manager Terry Hyland loves playing down his role in the re-awakening of the sleeping giant that is Cavan football.

The last time they won two matches in the Ulster Championship back in 2001, Hyland was selector. Now, as the main man, he has won three games this season.

He might not be done yet either.

"Maybe I'm lucky. Maybe I should do the lotto. I don't know," he says.

He continues: "We would have had this discussion the last two or three years and we felt that there was a team coming along, and that we had to give them time.

"And that's the main thing we have to give them, time.

"We know we are a long way away from being anything like the finished article but at least we are standing up and competing."

That they are very much doing as they repeated their Ulster Championship win over Fermanagh in this round two qualifier.

But as a contest, this game ended after Fermanagh's main scoring threat Sean Quigley was sent off before the ball was thrown in for the second half for his part in a half-time bust-up.

Referee Michael Duffy had produced a lot of cards in the league meeting between these two and there was some surprise expressed when he was handed this Championship meeting.

In all, he issued 15 yellow cards, three red, and banished a member of each backroom team to the stands for the remainder of the game.

Fermanagh manager Peter Canavan was not impressed.

"There would be things that I would not be happy about and I am not going to comment on, because I will end up in trouble over the head of it," he said afterwards.

"I think that any neutrals there that were at the game would be in a better position to comment about some of the decision-making."

Hyland wasn't getting drawn on the debate and when asked what he witnessed of the interval wrestling match, replied: "I'm blind in one eye and can't see out of the other."

He then added: "We were asked to stay back and that's what we did so I don't know really what happened. The fact that lads have met three times this year, there might be a few niggles there or something. I don't know, I didn't really see it."

Canavan was more direct in his assessment of what he saw.

"[It was] Handbags to be honest. A lot of pushing and shoving and it didn't appear to be much. I don't know what exactly happened but I found it strange that if anything went on, then why would there be only one man sent off for it?"

However, he was keen to extend credit to Cavan for their showing, commenting: "They are a team that have made serious progress and continue to make serious progress. And they will prove difficult opposition for whoever they get next week."

Asked about his own immediate future, he instead praised the effort of his players throughout the year.

"I knew when I came into the job that there were question marks over the commitment of a lot of players. I can't speak highly enough of them and I told them that after the game."

A dream is over for Fermanagh but for Cavan, the season stretches out in front of them as they head towards their goal of playing at Croke Park this year.

CAVAN: C Gilsenan (0-1, 1f); J McLoughlin, T Corr, K Clarke; J McEnroe, A Clarke [Capt], R Flanagan (0-1); D O'Reilly (0-1), D Givney (0-1); C Mackey (0-1, 1f), M Reilly (0-1), F Flanagan (0-1); N McDermott (0-2, 2f), M Dunne (1-3, 2f), E Keating (0-2)

Subs: J Brady for McDermott [30m], D McVitty for McEnroe [59m], D McKiernan for Corr [62m], K Tierney for Dunne [66m], M McKeever for McLoughlin [67m]

Yellow cards: M Reilly [28 & 54m] F Flanagan [17m], O'Reilly [35m], Corr [42m], Brady [52m], Clarke [71m]

Red card: M Reilly [54m]

FERMANAGH: C Snow; J Woods, B Cox, D Kelly (0-1); D McCusker, R McCluskey [Capt], M O'Brien; E Donnelly (0-1), M McGrath; B Owens, S McCabe, R Jones; T Corrigan, S Quigley (0-4, 2f), T McElroy. Subs: J Sherry for McGrath, C Quigley for McCusker, D Kille (0-4, 3f) for Corrigan [all 46m], D Keenan for Owens [51m]

Yellow cards: McCluskey [22m], O'Brien [35m], Jones [35m], McCabe [35 & 58], Donnelly [37m], McGrath [38m], McElroy [59m]

Red cards: S Quigley [half-time], McCabe [58m].

Referee: Michael Duffy [Sligo]

Attendance: 8,134.

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