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Colm Bradley fuming at changes to club game in Fermanagh

By Declan Bogue

A proposal that may wrap up club league activity in Fermanagh over the next couple of weekends, prior to the commencement of the club championship campaign, has been met with deep anger in the county.

The Competitions Control Committee has released a discussion document to clubs, asking if they would consider playing off a single round of league fixtures, returning to the play-off and league finals system in October and November, while preserving a six-week block from late August to early October for the club championships.

However one club manager, former county player Colm Bradley, has vented his disgust at the proposal which has caused anger among his players.

"It's inherently unfair to change a competition half way through. I have never heard of it being done before, it's just ludicrous," the Tempo Maguires manager said.

"It's proposing that you have only played each team once - we have played Belcoo twice," he explained.

"That's unfair because some teams might have played the league leaders, or a team towards the bottom, twice."

The Fermanagh CCC has hosted a number of league games on Friday nights and then the following Sunday, and Bradley's players have missed the Friday night games due to travelling.

If they get two games in the championship, they would have played eight games for their clubs, over eight weekends, in the entire year.

The proposal also asks, 'Given the tremendous levels of effort and commitment of our county squad, what is the wise option for them?'

To which Bradley replies: "I don't care.

"If you consider we have six players working away, multiply that across 20 clubs, you are talking about conservatively 100 players.

"They are in a much worse situation than the county footballers are in.

"I am all for looking after county players and making sure they get the best chance to prepare. But to think that 35 players would dictate the number of games that 400 players or 500 players play is a mad notion."

The proposal is to come before a county board meeting next Monday.

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