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GAA president Horan calls on volunteers to Club Together



GAA president John Horan

GAA president John Horan

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GAA president John Horan

In response to the club-led spirit of volunteerism already abounding north and south of the border, two key sponsors of the GAA are formalising the launch of a 'Club Together' scheme to help the elderly who do not have friends and family around to support them.

To get the new programme up and running, SuperValu, Centra and the GAA are making an urgent appeal to clubs all over the island to volunteer to be part of Club Together.

GAA clubs are calling on their members to join a local task force to assist the elderly, who are dependent on the goodwill of others for their food shopping needs. Clubs will then partner with their local SuperValu or Centra store.

Clubs interested are asked to contact their local SuperValu or Centra store to find out more.

Some have already taken it upon themselves to help out those in need among their communities and have been doing messages to pharmacies and grocery stores.

Those in urban areas seem particularly busy, with a number of people in need of help with a range of difficulties and without family members at hand.

As blue-chip sponsors of the GAA, both retail giants are uniquely placed to offer help in these trying times, although the exact nature of that assistance will be revealed next week.

GAA president John Horan said: "This is a testing time and one when the oft-mentioned virtues of the GAA's community ethos needs to come to the fore.

"This is happening already and through this most worthwhile initiative it will continue to happen, making a positive tangible difference to those in our communities who may need assistance. I am strongly encouraging our clubs and members to look at this initiative and to throw their weight behind it.

"Our reach across the island is reflected in the SuperValu and Centra networks and I believe working together we can ensure that everyone is connected and has access to the basic essentials we all need at a time like this."

Martin Kelleher, managing director at SuperValu and Centra, added: "Supporting our communities is one of the most important things we do. We're delighted to team up with the GAA, a long-term partner of ours, to support the elderly in our communities.

"We understand this is an extraordinary time for a huge number of people across the country and we encourage every GAA club to contact and partner with their local SuperValu or Centra."

Further information on the Club Together initiative and how the elderly can avail of the service will be announced next week.

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