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Gallagher exit adds to state of flux in Ulster sides

By Declan Bogue

At the last count, I think it was seven local newspapers in Donegal. The joke that there is one for every day of the week has always been backed up by the theory that the Donegal senior football team has always given all seven too much to write about.

Nobody can make the declaration with any certainty, but there are plenty of people who clearly feel that online abuse was a factor that might have crept into Rory Gallagher's thinking when he decided to walk away from the post of Donegal manager.

The odd thing is that you will struggle to find players who have anything but praise for Gallagher.

As Eamonn McGee tweeted: "Sad to see Rory go, loved working with him. A born winner, passionate GAA man and so important to our All Ireland win in 2012."

Without prying too much into the reasons, perhaps Gallagher felt like doing something else with his life, as a man with a young family and a busy shop to run in Killybegs.

It couldn't have been easy working in such a public environment since their Championship defeat to Galway.

At the present time, three Ulster counties are looking for a new manager - Derry, Fermanagh and now Donegal. By this time fortnight, there could easily be two more with Down and Antrim having vacant seats.

To be continued.

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