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Gavin as crafty as ever after stepping out of shadows

He's a clever fella, that Jim Gavin.

Prior to the restriction on consecutive hand-passes being thrown out a couple of weekends ago, the Dublin manager had not been seen on a touchline.

If you are not on a touchline, then you will not be doing any media interviews. And if you are not doing any interviews, then you cannot be asked about the issues of the day.

So after he re-emerged with a woolly cap on the Clones sideline, he was eventually asked how he felt about the suite of rule changes ushered in for the start of the league.

Anyone who has watched Gavin screw a cap back onto a water bottle will know this is one of the most precise characters on the island. He will have noticed the heat other managers got for their objections to the hand-pass rule, and circumvented controversy.

"I've no issue with them at all. I probably would have suggested to just get on with it and put them in," he said.

"If the governing body decides to change the rules of the game, I don't think managers should have a soap box to change them either way.

"I made my feelings known on behalf of the team to the county board and they then represented the county of Dublin. From my perspective, I've no issue with them."

Far from breaking ranks with other county managers as reported elsewhere, Gavin explicitly revealed that he gave his views to the county board.

How likely do you think it is that the Dublin county board would have gone against the wishes of the man who is hunting down a fifth consecutive All-Ireland title this summer?

Quite apart from his point about managers not being given a soap box is a total farce, a point we have hammered home in the main body of this page, Gavin's Dublin showed once again on Sunday that when it comes to adapting, they are ahead of the curve.

They should have been down to 14 men for 20 minutes of the game. Through keep-ball and causing confusion by trying to bring Michael Darragh Macauley back on for Robbie McDaid when he was being black-carded, they only went 14 minutes with a disadvantage.

Carry on like that and trouble will inevitably follow them.

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