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Gavin playing media along for ready-made siege mentality

By Declan Bogue

Dublin manager Jim Gavin will probably never get the credit he deserves. There are too many ready-made excuses from his competitors, ranging from the weight of numbers, the largesse of the Dublin corporate sector and all those other factors that weren't there when they went from 1995 to 2011 without an All-Ireland title.

But if he cannot be granted that, then at least see him for the brainbox that he is.

In his treatment of the media, Gavin has never let his ego get in the way. It has led to some comic moments, however unintended.

Like how their winning of the 2013 All-Ireland had left them "already behind" some of the other teams in the race for Sam in 2014.

Or, the invention of words such as 'intentfulness,' or the expression of 'east-coast football'.

Some of this, I suspect, is for his own amusement.

The one and only exclusive interview was granted to the Irish Times on the basis he would talk about the promotion of The Bray Air Display.

In explaining his reticence, he let slip a few insights.

"In my profession, I don't trade off the Gaelic football. It's completely separate. I'm a commercial pilot with a skill set and I prove myself that way. There's no correlation with the football and it has no relevance really."

Later in the interview, he spoke about a 72-year-old biplane, the Boeing Stearman E75, he was flying at the event.

"The interesting thing about it is that it was built in 1944 and the wings are made from Canadian spruce that was planted in the 1880s," he enthused.

He attends to details and does not act upon his emotions.

His reaction to the Diarmuid Connolly situation, with all the hokey language about "Freedom of expression is one of the rights in the Republic but it's not absolute," is a siege mentality in the making.

You can choose to buy it or not. You'd be a fool to, though.

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