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Glenswilly and St Eunan's result was an aberration, not an inevitability

By Declan Bogue

There are a number of tempting things to say in an opinion column when you see a scoreline like the one that emerged from the Donegal leagues at the weekend.

As raw data, Glenswilly 0-3 to St Eunan's 0-2 looks ugly. Few people can ever testify to seeing a game as low-scoring and therefore it was always going to lead to some knee-jerk reactions, especially with Conor Gibbons scoring the only point of the entire second half.

Having carved up seven of the last nine Donegal senior Championships between themselves, the neighbouring clubs are seen as standard bearers in their county. Many felt they produced that scoreline by shamelessly copying the house style of their county side, producing something even more revolting than the infamous 'Death of Gaelic Football' National League game between Derry and Dublin last year.

A bit of context.

Elsewhere on the day, Dungloe ran in 3-13 against Termon.

Ardara scored 4-8 to Bundoran's 2-13. St Michael's clash with Kilcar had two goals and 29 points. This is not a 'Donegal problem.'

Eunan's-Glenswilly was a 'starred' fixture, meaning county players such as Michael Murphy and Rory Kavanagh were not able to play.

They were not even scheduled to meet, but when Donegal were beaten in the Ulster final, this fixture had to be hastily arranged, as you are expected to play another team with a similar number of county players.

St Eunan's operate a shared panel of senior and reserve players. Of that panel, 34 in total were missing, 21 of which have played senior football this season under manager David McGinley, who is more attacked-minded than most.

In the game itself, 41 scoring chances were created. St Eunan's average scores before this game was actually 16.5 points per game. Eye-witnesses said the shooting was nothing short of appalling.

Three county men were away. Nine lads are taking the summer in the USA. More again are on holiday.

Maybe it doesn't excuse it. But if goes some way to explain it.

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