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GPA chief Dessie Farrell hails funding deal a 'win-win for everyone'

By Declan Bogue

The framework of the new GAA/GPA funding arrangement heralds a new dawn in dealings between the two bodies, with GPA chief executive Dessie Farrell highlighting that the GPA will now have a seat at future policy discussions of the association.

Speaking about the framework, the former Dublin star said: "There's a lot of practical support contained within this and I think [what is] very important is the input into policy decisions that affect players.

"Then obviously the commercial link, the GAA's commercial success will be linked to our programmes, a significant step forward and a milestone… but we also think it's significant indeed for the GAA as well. I think it reflects the ongoing relationship that has been in place for the last number of years which has given us a platform to build a partnership and work in tandem on issues that are important not just for the players but for the games themselves.

"Ultimately it's a win-win for everyone, we feel."

Farrell added that he felt the arrangement marks a changing of the relationship, which was previously fractious with threats of player strikes as 'industrial action' in the past, being replaced by increased dialogue.

"There's no doubt that as a players' association we needed to prove our bone fides in a whole host of different areas.

"I think over the five years we've done that, I think what we have in place now is a productive working relationship. We've matured as an organisation and I think the GAA have been able to reflect on that in a very positive manner through this agreement. I think the outcome here is indicative of what we have in place, that great working relationship."

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