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Holmes and Connelly's rationale rings hollow in modern era

By Declan Bogue

One commentator got it right on the radio when he was dissecting the reasons for the former Mayo management team of Pat Holmes and Noel Connelly coming out with their version of events after they were ousted following the player heave at the end of the 2015 season.

Their hatred, the commentator felt, was 'molten'.

Anyone involved in a club or county will know how much involvement in sport can cost us, if we let it.

However, the nature of the Holmes/Connelly duo's humiliation was so public that we can only imagine the sleepless nights they have had to endure.

They say they are speaking out because Mayo's search for an All-Ireland crown can only be reached when egos are kept in check and they are doing so for the good of Mayo football. You can be the judge of that.

What does jump out though are the various anecdotes they have shared as evidence of the prosecution of the players.

Such as the players' pre-match meal being delayed for the sake of a Mass on Easter Sunday. The very thought of a row over that issue will stir a certain constituency that feel Gaelic football has already gone too far down the road of scientific preparation.

And the mention that Seamus O'Shea might email the management discussing his preference for Rob Hennelly's kickouts compared to David Clarke's.

Imagine your primary ball-winner actually putting forward his views on such a crucial area of the game. Or wanting your meals at the right time.

Where you sit on this debate is largely dependent on your views on coaching as a whole.

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