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Hyland right to question what's in it for Tier Two sides

Terry Hyland
Terry Hyland
Declan Bogue

By Declan Bogue

There are two sets of people who are infinitely better suited to inter-county management than most: teachers and businessmen.

Teachers because they have the time to plot and scheme over the summer as they take advantage of their holidays, and businessmen because they are usually already experienced with handling teams of staff and have the communication skills to thrive.

But they can also see through waffle when it presents itself and in that regard, there are few as clear-eyed as the proprietor of Hyland Hardware, former Cavan and now Leitrim manager Terry Hyland.

Leitrim, of course, are one of the counties who are meant to be delighted by the prospect of a Tier Two competition that will probably get the green light at Special Congress this Saturday, but the businessman in Hyland is honest enough to ask what's really in it for their compliance.

"The bigger thing is not so much the competition but how you are going to make those counties stronger. Tier One will generate more TV money, have bigger gates and will have all the bigger teams playing together if they take the weaker teams out of it," he said.

"Will they put the money back into Tier Two? Will they be prepared to come along to the Leitrims and Carlows and Waterfords and put more money into coaching so you can coach the coaches and make your players better and that gives you the chance to progress out of Tier Two and into Tier One?"

As county boards are all whipped into line by Central Council in order to get the requisite support to get this legacy project over the line, there has yet to be a clear-eyed assessment of what benefits there are for falling into line.

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