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International Rules needle fine by Canavan

As Anthony Tohill prepares to name his International Rules squad tomorrow, Peter Canavan has denied that the series has become too sanitised.

The Tyrone legend is familiar with the physical aspect of the hybrid game, having picked up a rules suspension during his career after repeated clashes with Jason Akermanis, and he's convinced that supporters in Limerick and Croke Park later this month can expect ‘intense' displays.

“Some people felt they were too sanitised last year but we should just wait until after these two tests because I can't see that happening again. I think they will be very keen to win,” he said.

“I don't think there is a danger of them becoming too pally. As a nation the Australians are a very confident people, some would say arrogant. They'll not want to come over and have amateur players beat them at a game they see themselves as being superior at.”

Ireland won the last series in 2008and the Tyrone legend warned that Ireland need to play to their strengths in order to retain the Cormac McAnallen trophy.

“I think there is a feeling among some of them because they are full-time athletes and they are professional that they should be physically superior and that the Irish shouldn't put it up to them.

“And when we do — in some cases they went head to head with them — they don't like it.

“There are various examples of that in previous years. There is a lot of talk about no compromise and the physical nature of the game but it would still be in the Irish interests to go out and play football. It is not in the Irish interests to take them on at a physical game because there will probably only be one winner.”

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