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It's ladies first as posts are filled

By John Campbell

Ulster is set to see a mini-invasion by the fair sex in an administrative sense in 2008.

Already a host of female officers have been voted in at various club and county Conventions and it would seem that more are destined to take up positions when further club annual meetings are held early in the New Year.

The proliferation of females is perhaps most marked in Tyrone where in one club alone it is believed that five of the top offices are held by ladies.

The huge appeal of GAA at grassroots level, the fact that club officers must now step down after five years and the not inconsiderable factor that many ladies are hugely proficient in the IT arena have combined to open the door to what is in essence a new era within the GAA.

One top (male) Tyrone official said last night: "It's great to see the ladies taking a much bigger role in helping to administer our clubs and counties. Some have been involved for years, of course, while many others are now coming on board for the first time and very welcome they are too."

The input of ladies to date has reaped considerable benefits for many clubs and counties and it could be that in the near future we may yet have a lady as chairperson of a county board.

"Don't rule that out," smiled the Tyrone spokesman.

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