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Joe Kernan: I’m relishing the battle for Division One survival with Galway

Success in the National Football League does not simply means points in the bag, it also means cash in the bank. And in these straitened times no team can afford to turn up their noses at an injection of cash.

With the promotion and relegation issues still to be resolved in the National Football League, the number of counties hovering on the brink of either is incredible.

I have seldom known the league to be as hugely competitive in all four divisions and I feel that the next two rounds of the league on this coming week-end and on Sunday, April 11 will be absolutely fascinating.

With the GAA normally disbursing monies to all counties when the league is over and gate receipts and other income have been totted up, those teams that reach divisional deciders can come in for an enhanced share of the takings.

Indeed by my reckoning the difference between winning or losing a match at this stage of the season can mean the difference between lodging 30,000 Euros and 100,000 Euros in the county’s back account.

Is it any wonder that nerves are becoming increasingly fraught as we all view the run-in to the league divisional finals?

Several Ulster sides have serious relegation worries and I certainly hope that this situation will be alleviated.

Points and pounds are very important — points for status and pounds for survival. It is taking more and more money to run county teams so the chance to pick up cash cannot be bypassed if at all possible.

Last year Kerry won the National League and the All Ireland final and secured considerable wealth in the process.

I hope that some of this wealth will now filter into the north and if not, then I hope it arrives in Galway where it will be very welcome!

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