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Keep it clean: Brennan

By Michael McGeary

GAA President Nickey Brennan has pledged to clean up the sport just five days before the start of the Ulster senior football championship.

Brennan has become dismayed with the number of high profile incidents in recent months and is determined that those responsible will have no place in the association.

The brawl in Parnell Park involving Dublin and Meath which saw no fewer than eight players red carded did little for the sport's image and there were other incidents though not as high profile.

Brennan, now serving his last year as president, is happy that the GAA didn't delaying taking prompt and decisive action after the fracas in Parnell Park, but he's adamant that actions must continue to speak louder than words.

"Our priority has to be to clean up our games and to rid the Association of the ugly image it has gained due to recent violent incidents and to ensure that the full rigours of the disciplinary system will be brought to bear on those who transgress.

"We are absolutely determined to face up to our responsibility to clean up our games." He said.

"Players and team mentors who step out of line can expect to be banned for long periods of time. There's no place for such individuals in the sport.

"New disciplinary measures are being finalised and these will be undoubtedly help to clean up our games.

"Our games are and always will be competitive and physical, but that doesn't mean we have to put up with unsavoury behaviour.

"Such behaviour only involves a minority of individuals, but the reality is that it portrays our games and our Association in a bad light," he added.

Further to the comments made by the president, the GAA has reaffirmed how its controversial disciplinary process operates.

The Competitions Control Committee proposes a penalty. It is then either rejected or accepted.

In the event of it being rejected, a hearing is granted.The Hearings Committee either imposes a penalty or exonerates.

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