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Kernan and co ready to face top brass

By Michael McGeary

The country's top managers will seek a repeal of the new regulations banishing them to the stands for all league games in 2007.

"We were deligthed with the turnout at our meeting in Mullingar, over 30 managers and six or seven more sent apologies." said spokesman Joe Kernan.

"Basically we're disappointed with the manner in which things were handled. For such a major decision there was a massive lack of communitcation.

"We all agreed that we would go back to our respective county boards which effectively means we're going through the proper channels.

"The hope is that before long we can sit down with some of the officials in Croke Park and try to iron things out as we feel the proposed regulations simply aren't workable."

The GAA, unhappy with a number of side-line incidents at major games have pressed ahead with the new regulaltions, but the manager are far from happy that for league games at least, only two members of their management team will be allowed inside the pitch parameters.

This was the most contentious of the regulations brought in by Central Council 10 days ago, by some distance.

Joe Kernan and Tipperary hurling boss Babs Keating chaired Sunday night's meeting in Mullingar.

The organisers were thrilled with the turnout, so close to Christmas and said it again underlined the depth of feeling there was against the new measures.

GAA President Nickey Brennan said last week that all county boards had been contacted about the changes and that they in turn were asked to consult their managers, but this did little to placate the managers.

Monaghan's Seamus McEnaney said he was aware that Boards were asked for suggestions, not for full support for the measures.

"County Board were only asked for suggestions. They certainly didn't get these rules and regulations prior to the Central Council meeting," he stated.

"I believe they were asked for any suggestions, but there was no consultation over the rules that were brought in."

Keating reflected on how poor the consultation process had been.

"We belived these requests were sent to cunty boards in mid November when conventions were a priority,"he said.

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