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McKaigue insists momentum can help fight fatigue

With one Ulster title successfully defended and another on the line, Chrissy McKaigue estimates that Slaughtneil have had one single weekend off from both hurling and football duties since the Derry Championships began on August 13.

However, he is glad that one set of commitments has ended as he states the juggling between two codes has them at breaking point.

"To be honest, with the demands of the last number of weeks, I think one code needed to disappear because it was becoming just a wee bit too much," he said.

"I am a big believer that you only get what you work for. And at the minute, we have tried to do our best over the last number of months to put as much as we can into the hurling.

"But it just hasn't been physically possible. Hurling is a very technical game, football is a completely different game and that's one thing we will have to look at now because last year against Cuala, we didn't get enough stickwork done and hurling done."

On Sunday during the Radio Ulster match commentary, former Antrim goalkeeper Shane Elliott expressed his suspicion that Slaughtneil manager Michael McShane might be secretly pleased if the footballers were knocked out of their Championship in order to allow them more time to work on their hurling skills, something McShane vehemently disagreed with.

"People might think that's the way it is but we don't want that. Because winning and the momentum that brings is incredible," the Ballycastle man answered. "That's a bigger benefit to us than the guys getting more stickwork. We will get as much stickwork as we need.

"That momentum winning brings, the togetherness that it brings is fantastic."

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