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Midfielder Bastick hoping for a repeat of 2013 decider

By Declan Bogue

Ask Dublin midfielder Denis Bastick of his abiding memories concerning Mayo and he discounts the pain of the 2012 All-Ireland semi-final defeat and, naturally, majors on their 2013 All-Ireland final win instead.

"I would have to go with '13," reflects the Templeogue Synge Street man. "One-point win in an All-Ireland final. A special day for us. We have had some great battles the last few years but that is a stand-out memory."

You might recall that game for the amount of concussions that were clearly obvious, and later admitted to as players played on. Eoghan O'Gara also tore his hamstring and had to remain on the field, feigning fitness to tie up a Mayo opponent.

Bastick came off the bench in that final so wasn't privy to the same amount of gruelling punishment, and he recalls: "To see the bodies bruised and broken afterwards … that's what we like. It's great coming off the field after a victory like that and knowing you have come through a battle. That will stand to us."

As for 2012, the memories are less sepia-toned.

"We hadn't played well and, to be fair, as a team we had come off the back of a great win in 2011 and we were trying to cope with that," he says.

"We thought we were in a good place. We had a very similar team, a strong team, but we didn't click all year. We came into that game hoping we would click and, to be honest, if the game had been on another 10 minutes we could have won that day. We didn't start well, gave them too much of a lead and then we were chasing."

Bastick was also part of the 2006 extended training panel when Mayo won by virtue of that late Ciaran McDonald point.

"I wasn't togged out that day," he reveals.

"We were in a good place then. We were playing a good, open style of football, but we let the floodgates open and they did one over on us."

That day also featured the Barney before the Hill, when Mayo warmed up in front of the Dub's traditional end, and then-manager Paul 'Pillar' Caffrey barged into the back of Mayo co-manager, John Morrison.

Comical scenes, but nonetheless, "That would get you going, watching it that day alright," laughs Bastick. "Who knows, maybe they will do it again this time. That would be interesting."

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