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Payments to GAA managers under spotlight

Every GAA County Board can expect an audit from the Revenue Commissioners over the next three years.

The move has been prompted not by the Revenue, but by the GAA itself as it seeks compliance in all matters.

County Board officers from all Leinster counties were summoned to a meeting organised by the Leinster Council last week at which clear indications were given that audits can be expected in every county by 2012.

The audits may ‘shine a light' on the alleged payments to inter-county managers which has been a source of irritation for high ranking GAA officials over the last few years.

Former GAA president Nickey Brennan and director general Paraic Duffy have both touched on the subject in the last six months.

Brennan described the practice of making under the table payments to managers at club level as an “epidemic.”

Leinster Council secretary Michael Delaney said the move was initiated by the GAA with the Munster Council the first to engage on this basis.

“Munster did it first then ourselves. It was us (the GAA) who brought the officers in to inform them of what to expect,” said Delaney.

“People might jump to the conclusion that this has something to do with paying managers but it more to do with the coaching and games development staff on the books of provincial councils and at central level now. From our point of view we want to make sure we are doing everything right and Revenue will offer us guidelines as to how to go about that,” said Delaney.

“Naturally payments to managers, their expenses and entitlements, will come into it down the line,” said Delaney.

“As long as County Boards are doing their business properly there is nothing to fear,” added Delaney. “It is basically an exercise in making everyone get their house in order.”

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