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Players will stay cool: O'Mahony

By John Campbell

Kerry centre-half-back Aidan O'Mahony plays down the notion that Sunday's All Ireland football final will be a fractious, tempestuous affair with the emphasis more on brawn than brain.

O'Mahony, who is perhaps in a unique position to ventilate his feelings on the famed Cork v Kerry rivalry since he lives on the border of the two counties, stresses that both teams contain too many quality players for the match to degenerate into what he describes as "a messy affair."

O'Mahony's consistency in the centre-half-back role and his unswerving commitment to Kerry underscore the mentality which has engulfed the reigning champions.

"I can understand the talk in some areas of the country about the negatives of the backdoor system coming into play this year in that two teams from the same province are in the final," he said.

"Some of the talk earlier in the year centred around the possibility of it being an all-Leinster All-Ireland final so what's the difference in us and Cork meeting?

"The way I would look at it is that, as a player, I have a chance of making history in being part of a team that wins the first all-Munster All-Ireland final."

The world and his mother is predicting that no prisoners will be taken at Croke Park on Sunday and that the match will be far from a purist's delight.

The old 'familiarity breeds contempt' adage has been a central theme in the build-up to the game between two of the deadliest rivals in gaelic football.

"It's a local derby and you'll have the usual intensity and passion about the game that you'd expect but I don't think it'll go any further than that," suggests the Rathmore clubman. "Cork are a very strong team with a lot of physically powerful players but they're all good footballers. We have quality players ourselves and we want to win in style if we can."

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