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President Farrell: no need to tinker with provinces

As the countdown continues to the launch of the Ulster senior football and hurling championships this weekend, president Aoghan Farrell has reiterated his ongoing faith in the current provincial structures.

Farrell's robust defence of the status quo follows on from GAA President Christy Cooney's suggestion that some consideration should be given to the balance that exists within those same structures.

Cooney asked whether further changes should be made now that Antrim and Galway are established in the Leinster Hurling Championship.

"Do we need a more even spread of counties in each province? Should we dispense with the ancient geographical borders of the four provinces and seek instead to realign our provinces along more practical lines, in a manner that better suits the Association's needs in the 21st century?" said Cooney.

But Farrell is adamant that the northern province is more than happy with the existing set-up.

"Obviously all matters must always be open to discussion and while individual counties may be accommodated in some competitions, provincial structures should remain unchanged," said Farrell.

"After all they have served us well for many, many years. The GAA is in essence about place and it's this sense of place which is the bedrock of the Association. The Ulster Council is a vibrant body and is proud of what it has achieved."

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