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Sean’s heart to Harte proves big help to Tyrone

Tyrone star Sean Cavanagh insists his relationship with manager Mickey Harte is much improved after the pair held ‘clear the air talks'.

Relations had become strained after the Red Hand boss claimed in his book that “the roof simply caved in” on the 2008 Player of the Year prior to last year's All Ireland semi-final defeat to Cork, which Cavanagh missed due to illness.

However, the Moy man has ironed out the issue with Harte and claims the atmosphere inside the Tyrone camp has improved this year.

“Honestly, hand on heart, the relationship is actually better now than what it was this time last year or what it was this time two years ago,” he said.

“At the end of the day, the whole book thing . . . like it was taken out of context. The God's honest truth with you, whenever I heard a few of the comments, I was like, ‘right', I was taken back a bit.

“But then when you sort of sit back and have a chance to chat with Mickey about it, you realise that some of the things were taken out of context. He probably was pretty complimentary about me in other parts of the book.

“It almost served a good purpose, we actually got time to sit down with Mickey for a few hours to chat about the way things had gone in the past few years, the way things needed to be done to move forward.

“Our relationship is actually better than what it was before. We're certainly speaking more at training and have more of a friendlier atmosphere at training now because of that long chat. We probably had been going through the motions for a few years there.”

Cavanagh also reported that team captain Brian Dooher has been in superb form since his return to training and that confidence in the camp is high despite their shock relegation from the top flight.

“You should see Dooher at training. I don't know what he's on. I think he's on something you'd give to horses or something because he's a vet himself!

“He was training last Thursday night and training on Tuesday. It's as if he has never been away.

“Certainly he's going to really inspire the likes of Kyle Coney and Peter Harte and a few of the younger guys that are there coming onto our panel. He is going to help drive things on, I'm 100per cent sure of that.

“Obviously to have your captain coming back, it was quite disappointing in the league and one of the things taking away from training was maybe that we didn't have that leadership, Brian Dooher driving things on.

“Now we have that back I'm pretty sure it's going to lift things.”

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