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Should Bubbles wash his mouth out with soap and water?

By Declan Bogue

It wasn't Joanne Cantwell's first rodeo.

She was interviewing Galway's Johnny Glynn in the aftermath of running up a 2-28 tally against Cork in last year's All-Ireland hurling quarter-final. A lot of the talk that went before it was of Joe Canning, so Joanne asked the question; "What's this about Galway only having one forward?"

To which the boul' Johnny replied that it was "F****** b*******, you seen it yourselves…" and then, horrifyingly realising this was on live TV and everyone in Croke Park could hear him clear as day, he corrected himself, "Oh, sorry, sorry."

This year has been a vintage one for sportsmen dropping the F-bomb. And the B-Bomb.

The most famous example we have is Michael Conlon's interview with RTÉ immediately after the farce of the Olympic boxing result against Vladimir Nikitin. F's and B's scattered like confetti.

So on Michael's side we continue to be and, disgusted with the decision of the judges, there was no faux outrage or condemnation.

Last Sunday, RTÉ were in the thick of it again. Clare McNamara, herself a Tipperary woman, thrust the microphone in front of Tipp's goal-scoring hero John 'Bubbles' O'Dwyer and instructed him to emote.

He pointed out that they were now, "champions of Ireland!"; working the F-Bomb into the sentence. Bubbles has already received a number of letters from the 'Outraged from Oughterard' brigade.

The immediate aftermath of an All-Ireland final is an outpouring of ecstatic joy. For those within the panel, it must feel like mainlining adrenalin. You imagine, emotions could not be any higher.

For that reason, maybe - just maybe - we should re-think the practise of shoving a microphone under the nose of sporting combatants immediately after the event. It's beginning to look unfair.

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