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Sub standard referees should face bans, says Corrigan

Former Fermanagh and Sligo manager Dominic Corrigan wants referees to be hit with a “suspension” if they get their decisions wrong.

After a weekend of controversial calls, Corrigan insists officials should face sanctions if they fail to meet a pre-determined standard.

Three striking incidents were dealt with in three separate ways last weekend. Daryl Keenan was given a straight red for striking Down's Conor Laverty; in the same game Aidan Brannigan escaped censure after connecting with Marty McGrath; while Longford's Paul Barden escaped with a yellow card for an incident with Wexford's Brian Malone.

“In the same way as players or managers face consequences, referees should be held accountable,” insists Corrigan.

“Some mistakes are just not acceptable,” he says.

“And if they perform poorly they should be taken off the list of referees until they get back up to standard.”

Referee chiefs have overseen huge strides in recent seasons. Match officials now must pass a standardised fitness test, devised by DCU, to be considered for inter-county assignments.

There have also been a number of conferences where officials are shown replays of their decisions.

However, Corrigan believes the standard of refereeing is the most pressing issue in the GAA just now and he hit out at what he saw as the ‘big' counties getting more calls from the men in the middle.

“From looking at the Kerry-Tipperary game, Kerry were getting frees that Tipperary weren't.

“The Fermanagh game was the same. For both Down's goals the ball was picked straight up off the ground.

“That's not sour grapes. Down were the better team and deserved to win but you'd have to ask the question — are the big teams getting more of the calls?”

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