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The 'Alt-Facts' and unwritten rules of the GAA

By Declan Bogue

Presenting to you, in the spirit of the inauguration, the 'Alt-Facts' of the GAA.

Alt-Fact #1: The club is the 'lifeblood of the association'.

Context: Said by every presidential hopeful around about this time when the serious jockeying for position as the next president begins.

Reality: Clubs are being forced to amalgamate with neighbouring clubs.

Alt-Fact #2: The championship proposals are not about making money. If they were, we'd keep replays.

Context: Accusations that the reform of the football championship is about increasing income as attendances slump.

Reality: The proposals replace the uncertainty of income from replays with the guaranteed income from eight more games with the introduction of a quarter-finals group stage.

Alt-Fact #3: Cavan are the 'Black Death' of Gaelic football.

Context: An accusation made about the supposed defensive nature of Cavan football.

Reality: Cavan were the highest scorers in the country during the 2016 National League, and conceded a record Ulster Senior Championship tally last summer.

Alt-Fact #4: Winning the Dr McKenna Cup is perfect preparation for going into the National League for Tyrone.

Context: Tyrone do not play any challenge matches.

Reality: Since winning their first McKenna Cup in 2012 of this latest streak, Mickey Harte's Tyrone have won a total of one Ulster Senior title in the summer championship.

Alt-Fact #5: Players are indentured slaves.

Context: A million think-pieces on the level of commitment required to play for your county.

Reality: The Dublin players were all presented with Subarus last week. For simply playing football for Dublin. They can wear their sponsored suits, drink their sponsored water from their hydration partners, and dashboard dine courtesy of their nutritional partners as they sit in sponsored motors.

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