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Tyrone and Kerry are the greatest, says Kieran McGeeney

Kieran McGeeney has hailed the Kerry and Tyrone teams of the last decade as the greatest Gaelic football has known.

McGeeney, Kildare manager and former All-Ireland-winning captain with Armagh, feels the two teams, who won seven All-Ireland titles between them from 2003 to 2009, have earned the right to be considered the best ever.

Putting forward the argument that they have won their titles in the most competitive era the game has known, McGeeney believes Tyrone's three and Kerry's four All-Irelands in seven years equates to more than others achieved.

“You take someone like Darragh O Se, who has won six All-Irelands, some of the other Kerry players have won five. That's some achievement,” he said.

“I know these things are hard to measure against each other. And I'd also say that if the players of the past had the same opportunities as the players of today they'd be just as good. That goes without saying.”

McGeeney believes the skills in Gaelic football have improved over the last decade and that means Kerry and Tyrone should be equal with the greatest teams at least.

“There is too much focus on what is wrong with Gaelic football, particularly from past players. I wouldn't accept the argument that Gaelic football skills are in decline,” said McGeeney, who admitted he never thought he would have been as comfortable managing another county other than Armagh as he is with Kildare.

“I feel Kerry and Tyrone have played to the highest standards but too few are willing to give them credit for that.”

McGeeney was speaking ahead of tomorrow's Anthony Rainbow 'testimonial' in Newbridge (2.0), where the current Kildare team play a 'Rest of Ireland' selection.

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